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Such a commitment demands continuous assessment of our practices and product offerings including the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world.    

Over the past few years, the State of California has also taken a great interest in hot tub energy efficiency.  The state has developed a new regulation - the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Title 20 standards.  All Bullfrog, Hot Spring, Hotspot, & Free Flow Spa Models currently meet these standards.  This regulation states that portable spas must operate below a specific level of energy consumption in order to be eligible for sale in the State of California. The law’s original goal was to eliminate the 20% least-efficient spas in the market, so all of our spas should have met the standard.  However, the standard as established was far more difficult to meet than intended, particularly with smaller spas.  

When the CEC first set the energy efficiency standards for portable spas, compliance was required by January 2006.  However, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) has been working with the CEC to delay enforcing the Title 20 standards while the methodology and unintended consequences are clarified. 

While ensuring that our products are CEC-compliant is clearly very important in California, other states and Canada plan to adopt some or all of the CEC standards, so it is not a single-state issue.  In fact, in very short order, we do expect Title 20 to be “the law of the land” in terms of energy standards for spas

What is the CEC?

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency.  It is charged with writing the standards for energy-consuming products sold in the state, and its rulemaking covers appliances from refrigerated beverage vending machines to pumps and motors.


How do spas become “CEC-compliant”?

Manufacturers “self-declare” to the state of California the energy consumption results of their spas.  The manufacturers are sending their spas to an independent lab to ensure we are compliant.  The CEC can, at any time, audit a manufacturer’s energy consumption results by conducting third-party testing, and is expected to do so once they begin to enforce the standards.



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