Hot Spring Spas of New England: Limelight Collection

Hot Spring Limelight:

Capacity: 7 Adults
Total Jets: 73

Hot Spring Limelight:

Capacity: 7 Adults
Total Jets: 50

Hot Spring Limelight:

Capacity: 7 Adults
Total Jets: 41

Hot Spring Limelight:

Capacity: 6 Adults
Total Jets: 43

Hot Spring Limelight:

Capacity: 4 Adults
Total Jets: 19

Limelight Collection
Quality & Performance

The Limelight Series is designed to deliver quality and performance, all wrapped up in breathtaking contemporary style. With sophisticated sculpting throughout the shell, stunning points of multi-color lighting, and powerful jets for invigorating massage, you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve chosen the best – a Hot Spring spa.