Silk Balance 76 oz


The 76-ounce value bottle of SilkBalance is designed to last most customers four-six months, depending on the size and usage of the spa.


SilkBalance has a revolutionary water care formula that will allow you to continuously enjoy a crystal clear water experience, without any detectable odors. This fresh and pure water feeling will leave you with silky, smooth water enhanced by our unique ingredients. You now will have more time to enjoy your spa and spend less time playing chemist. SilkBalance is specially formulated, without harsh chemicals, to be self-adjusting. Even the annoying smell of chemicals is neutralized. Because SilkBalance is not a sanitizer, you still need to oxidize any organic contaminants in the spa. Simply toss one or two table spoons of spa shock (depending on bather load) in the hot tub after soaking to remove organics such as body oil and perspiration and you’re ready for the next use.