High-Output Ozone Systems

All Oasis premium brands utilize high-output, corona discharge type ozone generators. These advanced systems inject millions of highly concentrated, tiny ozone bubbles into water neutralizing contaminants on contact.

Other manufacturers save costs by using UV Light systems which last only 18 months. Corona discharge generators are 4 times more robust and typically offer 3-5 years of easy supplemental water care.

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UV Light Zone Disadvantages

  • Highest possible concentration of UV generated ozone is about 90% less than Corona Discharged systems.
  • Considerably more energy is required with UV light to produce the same output as Corona Discharge systems.
  • UV Lights solarizes over time, requiring more frequent replacement.

Corona Discharge Advantages

  • Corona Discharge (CD) more cost effective than UV light systems
  • CD cell life can last 2 to 4 more times longer than UV light systems
  • CD creates a more pure form of ozone (hyperactive oxygen)
  • CD does not create damaging or irritating off-gassing
  • Small design construction allows for easy installation
  • Saves up to 50% on water care product and management
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