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Real Customers Share Their Experiences with Wellis Hot Tubs

The Perfect Choice
for the Family

From Hampton, New Hampshire, Dennis, a wine and liquor sales professional, dives deep into why the Wellis Hercules model became an integral part of his family’s relaxation routine. From the unique lighting to the multiple jets targeting every body part, discover why Dennis considers his Wellis hot tub the best decision for his family.

De-stressing After
Long Work Days

Holly, the CFO of a graphite and carbon manufacturing company from Pittsburgh, New York, shares how the Wellis Mont Blanc model transformed her evenings. From the powerful jets to the fantastic sound system, she discusses how her hot tub became the ideal antidote to work-related stress.

A Lifelong Hot Tub Enthusiast Chooses Wellis

Dave Divone, a seasoned hot tub owner, has experimented with various brands throughout his life. Discover the specific reasons that compelled him to choose and cherish the Wellis brand. Dave expounds on his ownership journey, his adored features, and precisely why he opted for a Wellis hot tub.

WPS Cabinet Frame

No more sanding, oiling, and messy maintenance of a traditional timber cabinet. Wellis spa cabinets are made of a UV-resistant polymer material, that looks as good as real wood but is entirely maintenance-free. Immortality for the spa cabinet’s frame! The special polymer ensures exceptional stability and life for the Spa’s structural frame – protecting and extending the life of your investment even further.

The optional W-Side cabinet is a new invention as of 2018. It is produced of horizontal side, wood-textured elements, and vacuum-formed ABS plastic corner pieces. The built-in RGB LED light works in conjunction with mood lighting inside the pool.

Water Purification

All Wellis spas use a multi-stage filtration and sanitation system that ensures crystal clear, safe bathing water with the minimum of user input. The process starts with special antimicrobial cartridge filters. Once the spa water has been filtered, it passes through the heater and then the eco-circulation pump. Next, it is passed through a UV-C water sanitizer lamp and/or ozone if equipped.

UV-C rays have long been used for the disinfection of water in community pools since they are hypoallergenic and kill almost 100% of the viruses and bacteria found in water. Unfortunately, the devices used in community swimming pools are heavy and take up too much space for use in hot tubs. The UV-C system from Wellis revolutionizes the sanitizing of hot tub water.

It is lightweight, compact, and very effective. With a negligible amount of power consumption and quiet, safe, and automatic operation, it treats the water in the hot tub several times a day. It provides you and your family with crystal clear, natural quality bathwater while reducing the need for use of water treatment agents to a minimum.

Massage Jets

Wellis massage jets were designed to ensure an optimal hydro massage experience in any situation. Each jet type was carefully selected for the different pools to ensure hydro massages unique to each seat. The massage jets can be opened and closed individually, which allows concentrating hydro massage more precisely, to the specific part of the body.

1. The W-Flow counter-current system moves 180m3 water per hour, with a flow width of 50-60 cm.
2. The W-Power turbine is capable of moving 50-160 m³ water per hour, with a power need of only 7A.
3. Swim spa river jet – 340l/min capacity, adjustable direction, and flow intensity.
4. Our rotating jets provide a circular, softer massage on a larger body area.
5. Our fixed jets provide an intense massage experience by focusing water spouts on one body part.
6. One Wellis MagmaJet™ jet has the full capacity of a 3HP massage pump. You can lie on the surface and enjoy weightless flotation.

AQUASOUL™ Pro Sound System

The watertight elements installed in the Wellis AquaSoul™ sound system are of the latest design and highest quality.
Any smart device equipped with a Bluetooth connection – e.g. a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop – can be connected to the AquaSoul™ sound system.

AquaSoul™ PRO 2.1
– 4-channel amplifier equipped with Bluetooth receiver (120W)
– Built-in subwoofer (100W)
– 2 built-in or POP-UP speakers (35W/pc)

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Room to relax


Modern look, classic features


As unique as you