Red Cedar Indoor Cabin

Durable and Strong

Now you can experience the pleasure of a sauna just when you want it with our stylish red cedar wood saunas that are designed for the cottage or home. Constructed from red cedar with tongue and groove walls and dovetail joints, they’re durable and strong


Sustainable and
eco-friendly milling

5 Year Warranty

Feel Safe with Our
5 Year Warranty

Ontario Wood

Ontario wood grows
naturally and is renewable

Red Cedar Saunas

Our distinctive barrel cedar saunas offer both unique beauty and practical advantages to your sauna experience, and are an exciting, lasting investment that generations can enjoy.

Best Quality Wood

Cedar has a very long life span in outdoor environments, and the natural aroma makes it a perfect choice for cedar barrel saunas.

Superior Metals

Sauna bands are high-quality, marine-grade aluminum, and all exposed hardware is stainless steel.

Included Accessories

Clear cedar benches and a solid cedar cradle are included in each sauna package.

Your Heat Choice

Saunas use your choice of our very own wood-burning heater, or Tylo electric heaters. Both include the rocks.

Unique Design

Round ventilation system in back wall.

Shipped Right to You

Using state-of-the-art computerized milling equipment, our saunas are produced in easy-to-assemble kits, and shipped worldwide.


Available in 8 sizes, they are supplied with a glass door, 2 tier benches and an optional side window. An electric heater needs to be purchased separately.

Built of solid 2×6 tongue and grooved walls and unique dovetailing notching system to secure the corners.


Dundalk Sauna Heater


Canadian made stainless steel SaunaCraft electric sauna heater.

Dundalk Sauna Benches

2-Tier Benches

Optional 2-Tier benches in selected larger sauna sizes.

Dundalk Sauna Side Window

Side Window

Option window on 1 or both sides of sauna door.


Cedar Headrest

Cedar Headrests

Solid cedar headrests included in each sauna package.

Cedar Door Handle

Solid cedar door handle inside and outside.

Dundalk Sauna Door

Sauna Door

Solid wood sauna door with magnetic closure.



5 Year Residential Warranty.