The Oasis Midnight


Symbol of calm and elegance

The Covana Oasis Midnight is distinguished by its calm and elegant black ceiling and roof. It easily matches your spa as well as your relaxation space to bring out the dazzling beauty of nature around you. At nightfall, the Oasis Midnight blends into the decor for a cozy and relaxing ambiance.

Compatible with the majority of square or rectangular relaxation spas.

Increased privacy

Discover our selection of shades designed for the Covana Oasis Midnight. Choose from different levels of opacity and enjoy your hot tub in complete privacy.

Sloped roof

The natural slope of the Covana Oasis Midnight reduces water and snow accumulation for greater peace of mind. Less hassle, more comfort.

Integrated ambient lighting

The Covana Oasis Midnight features a multi-option LED lighting system. The colours can flow smoothly together to create a soothing space or come alive for a more dynamic and festive ambiance.