Covana Privacy Shades

Blue Velvet

A feather’s lightness and softness are highlighted on this semi-opaque screen in azure tones. The hazy Blue Velvet visual summons the caress of a summer breeze that promises a relaxing effect.


The Coastline screen features a striking view of the Australian oceanfront where the Twelve Apostles stand proudly amidst the waves. The imposing cliff is testimony to the strength and fragility of existence as the horizon reflects its infinite beauty.


The Rockies shade pays tribute to the majesty of the renown Canadian landscape. Imagine taking this sunny path through the Rockies and breathing in the heady aromas of the conifers while contemplating inspiring views of snow-capped mountain tops.


The Rainforest panoramic shade embraces you in the heart of a Thai forest where lush and vibrant vegetation frames blue waterfalls in a heavenly setting.


Reminiscent of hot summer days at the lake, the opaque Island shade evokes a return to basics, an escape from everyday life. While the dock suggests a leisurely rest, the nearby island invites the mind to dream of discoveries and adventure.


In the soft light of dawn, the semi-opaque Zen screen evokes tranquility and deep calm. Illustrating a perfect balance, the smooth stone pyramid speaks to relaxation while inviting gratitude for being in the present.



Pure Black