G Series

Pure Head-to-Toe Comfort

Finnleo Far-Infrared Saunas are purpose-engineered to create the most soothing, full-body heat exposure available. Using the most advanced far-infrared technology, Finnleo’s CarbonFlex® emitters generate even heat and wall to wall full body coverage.

CarbonFlex® heating panels have a larger heating surface, which ensures your perfect bathing comfort in two important ways. First, the larger surface disburses heat over a wider area, keeping their surface temperature comfortable for bathers. Secondly, maximum exposure over the widest possible area creates optimal infrared wavelengths, which in turn produces deep penetration, and soft, even heat you expect for a pure sauna experience.

Finnleo G Series

Capacity: 1 Adult

Finnleo G Series:

Capacity: 2 Adults

Finnleo G Series

Capacity: 3 Adults