Watkins Manufactured Hot Tub Heaters

Many no heat issues result from an airlock upon refill or flow reduction due to a clogging filter. To reset a heater trip on 2003 – current Hot Spring & Tiger River models, simply power the system down at electrical sub-panel or plug, remove the filter (with grey cap) and reset subpanel breakers in proper sequence (pump 1st followed by heater after 5 seconds) or reconnect plug in outlet. Leave filter out until it is determined that spa is heating then thoroughly clean and replace filter.

Models prior to 2003 may require the following additional step: Remove equipment door panel to identify heater type in bottom two pictures; press and hold reset button location on top or side of heater for 5 seconds. Retry if no water temperature change within hour or contact Oasis to schedule one of our certified service technicians to repair your hot tub. Oasis uses only manufacturer OEM parts to ensure proper UL specified safety standards.

2004 – Current PDR Heater

Auto Reset with power shutdown

1996 – 2003 with power button reset

Green Dot indicates recall update

1999 – 2003 Tri Bend Heater with Power Reset Button