Water Reimagined

How Bullfrog Spas Changed Hot Tubs Forever


The Egyptians channeled the water, and heated it with hot stones. Aqueducts, spas, and common baths arose in Greece, Rome and the Orient. Thermal springs and public baths eventually gave way to the modern portable spa, a more personal therapeutic experience. However, over the last half century, very little has changed in portable spas and hot water therapy… Until Now.

Today is the Age of Technology

Our patented JetPak Therapy System™, answers years of unmet demand, for more from your personal spa. This revolutionary design provides personalized massages, energy efficiency, along with performance and reliability that no other spa can match.

JetPak Therapy System™

The JetPak Therapy System™ rises far above CONVENTIONAL SPAS, this advanced therapy system is modular by design, and refined for style and comfort. The JetPak Therapy System™ is a technology perfected by decades of development and research.

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom suggests, all spa plumbing is equal, but the conventional wisdom in CONVENTIONAL SPAS could not be more wrong! All other spas are plumbed in much the same way – it’s inefficient and outdated.



  • Conventional Spa plumbing is inefficient and outdated.
  • To achieve adequate jet performance, conventional spas require a diverter valve that diverts water to only 50% of the spa at any one time.
  • They require multiple fittings. Each elbow and union is a friction point that reduces water flow and system efficiency in conventional spas.
  • Conventional spas require hundreds of feet of plumbing. Each additional foot of pipe taxes the pumps and increases the chance for failure and heat loss.
  • In conventional spas the plumbing is messy and unnecessarily complex.
  • With the increased friction caused by inefficient conventional engineering, pressure, power, and therapy are reduced.


  • Luckily, you don’t need to settle for outdated plumbing and a conventional spa. This is the technology age, and Bullfrog Spas is at the forefront of modern spa engineering. The JetPak Therapy System™ uses only a single main line to deliver water directly to each JetPak.
  • Your Bullfrog Spa does not require a diverter valve.
  • With minimal joints, and up to 90% less plumbing, you can enjoy 100% of your spa with increased performance, and a worry free technology that is superior, in every way.

Construction Methods


  • Conventional Spas still employ archaic methods.
  • Outdated plumbing requires holes that are manually drilled directly into the surface of the spa. This process is inconsistent, uneven, and diminishes structural integrity. This entire process weakens the CONVENTIONAL SPA and may lead to failures down the road.
  • Compared to CONVENTIONAL SPAS, your Bullfrog Spa is built with this simple thought: “If a personal spa is supposed to hold water, we should eliminate as many failure points as possible.”


  • By effectively engineering out unnecessary perforations, your Bullfrog Spa is a stronger, smarter solution. Because of the JetPak Therapy System™, fewer holes are drilled into the shell. Where CONVENTIONAL SPAS suffer deficiencies in so many places, your Bullfrog Spa gives you integrity, and most importantly, peace of mind.


JetPaks were designed with you in mind – yes you. No two people are the same, whether in height, weight, or your massage preferences. The JetPak Therapy System™ is designed to accommodate you, and your specific likes and needs. With personalized therapy in mind, well-designed spas are engineered with varying seat heights, to accommodate individuals of all sizes.

Problem: A CONVENTIONAL SPA has fixed jets and fixed seats. The massage you like may be in a seat that’s too deep, or, too shallow.

Solution: In your Bullfrog Spa, you simply place your favorite JetPak in the seat that accommodates you best. With 16 different JetPaks, you can custom design, with you in mind.

JetPak Flexibility in Future

In life, change is constant – you never stop growing, connecting, evolving. You should have a choice in your personal wellness. The JetPak Therapy System™ allows you to upgrade, each seat, with a new massage at any time. Constantly adapting, to fit your ever changing life.


In an age of technology, you should expect a lifetime of flawless performance. Each Bullfrog Spa is the result of thoughtful design, coordinated planning, and efficient, modern manufacturing. With advanced automation, and precise robotics, it’s clear that every detail is intentional. Computer guided processes ensure a perfect fit, and reliable performance.

It all starts with a solid foundation. The iron tough EnduraBase™ is molded from durable ABS, it is impervious to water, and features built in chase ways for easy wiring, and hand holds, for safe transport. The base, is joined to the 100% wood free EnduraFrame™ with durable materials and a perfect fit, ensuring a strong and reliable support structure, every time. These advanced materials are water resistant, and will never rot, or corrode. Materials like wood and steel, which are still commonly used in nearly all other conventional spas, have been replaced in your Bullfrog Spa with advanced composites, tested to withstand a variety of environmental factors.

The entire spa structure is insulated with high density foam. This supports the filled spa and prevents costly heat loss. Dense insulation, combined with the ultra-efficient operation of the JetPak Therapy System™, saves you up to 59% over competing spas, and gives you the most energy efficient spa in its class. When nearly everyone else is outsourcing to foreign factories in order to cut corners and avoid environmental regulations, Bullfrog Spas continues to manufacture in the United States.