Wellis City Life Oslo

Plug and Play

Starting at $6,499 – $7,499*

Wellis City Life Series Oslo

Spa Shell Options

Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver

Cabinet Options

Capacity up to 3 adults
30 Massage Jets
Dual Lounger Seating

Designed for Efficiency

Poli-Max™ Hot Tub Shell Reinforcement

Poli-Max™ Hot Tub Shell Reinforcement

Increase the time you spend in your tub – without a hot water refill while also conserving energy. The Wellis shell reinforcement has excellent sound insulation properties and significantly reduces noise intensity through the tub wall – so the neighbors won’t be bothered if you feel like taking a refreshing massage in the middle of the night.
1. Acrilyc outer surface with antimicrobial treatment.
2. ABS polymer layer to further increase impact resistance and strength.
3. Medium density robotically applied polyurethane for added strength plus acoustic and thermal insulation.
NEW Scandinavian Insulation

NEW Scandinavian Insulation

1.4 in of POLYFOAM boards has been installed into the spa’s holding frame gap-free, instead of fastening them to the outer casing.
WPS Frame

WPS Frame

No more sanding, oiling, and messy maintenance of a traditional timber cabinet. Wellis spa cabinets are made of a UV-resistant polymer material, that looks as good as real wood but is entirely maintenance-free. Immortality for the spa cabinet’s frame! The special polymer ensures exceptional stability and life for the Spa’s structural frame – protecting and extending the life of your investment even further.

Ozmix™ System (Ozone + Mixer)

20% more effective than using ozone without a mixing chamber. Compared to the disinfectant systems on the market, this system eliminates the most bacteria.

Exclusive Color Therapy Lighting

The exclusive color therapy lighting, which is a direct underwater mood lighting built into the sidewall of the hot tub, consists of 10-20 LEDs, depending on the type of hot tub, which are illuminated in harmony with the standard underwater color therapy lighting if installed in the hot tub.

Crystal Clean System

The new circulation jet has been designed to have 3 zones, where 2 zones are pointed downwards to stir up the sand and dirt from the bottom of the hot tub allowing a new level of filtration.


Relationship for a lifetime.

The Oslo Life P&P Hot Tub is a small 3-person hot tub with two recliners and one hydrotherapy seat. The Oslo Life plug-and-play hot tub is perfect for small spaces and small families. The dual-loungers allow two people to both sit back and relax, receiving a full body hydromassage from the 30 strategically placed jets.


Dimensions (W x L x H) 79 × 59 × 31 in
Weight 551 lbs
Net Weight / Water Volume 551 lbs / 200 gallons
Frame WPS
Reinforcement Poli-Max™ polyurethane
Insulation New Scandinavian insulation – polyfoam 1.4 in
Power requirement 120V 60Hz 12A
Hydromassage pump 1 pc 1.5 HP double speed

Control panel Easy4 (K-300)
Heating unit 1 kW
Water filtering 1 pc Superfine filter cartridge, Ozone generator
Headrest Pillows 2
Reclining / Sitting Places 2 reclining seats / 1 upright seats
Jet Count 30
Color-therapy lighting 10 exclusive LED lights
Premium Solutions Thermo cover


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