Rento Eucalyptus Scented Oil


Fresh eucalyptus leaves, smoky fragrance of a warming sauna… Let the Rento Sauna scents heighten your senses! Add scent to the water and throw on the hot sauna stove for aromatic steam. Test the scent first by using a small amount. You can also mix various scents. Always dilute with water.

Aromatic sauna experience: Add 2 to 4 capfuls to a sauna bucket full of water.

  • Measurements: 400 ml
  • Brand: Rento
  • Country: Designed in Finland, Made in Finland
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Bringing a new perspective to sauna products, Rento recognizes that sauna is the Finns’ way of relaxing, and that each individual does it in their own way. “For us, bathing is more than a ladleful of water thrown on a hot sauna stove”