Great Barrier Water Filter


Start your new hot tub water with clean and fresh filter water. Filters up to 7,500 gallons, reusable.


The Great Barrier Great Carbon hot tub pre-filter utilizes carbon and unique catalytic medias that not only remove metals, they also create powerful oxidizers. Carbon is used for mitigation (reduction/removal) of organic and in-organic chemicals, chlorine and chlorine by-products as well as some metals. Redox or catalytic media is used for capturing metals. Metal of all types, e.g. copper, lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium (including c-6), and destroying toxic chemicals. Metals can stain and/or damage your tub surfaces and equipment including heaters and pumps. Help protect your tub with a clean, pure fill every time.

Simply connect the Great Carbon filter to a garden hose to fill anything with fresh, pure water. Designed to reduce or eliminate a variety of known contaminants including: organic chemicals, in-organic chemicals, suspended solids, heavy metals, lead, mercury, arsenic, and more.