Rento Mid Summer Birch Scented Oil


For an aromatic experience, add 2-4 capfuls of the the Rento Birch Sauna Scent to a sauna bucket filled with water. Once ladled onto a hot sauna stove, the summery fragrances of lush nature and fresh birch leaves will create a crisp yet gently scented sauna steam. Be sure to shake before use and rinse afterwards, removing the bottle from a hot sauna when done.
  • Measurements: 400 ml
  • Brand: Rento
  • Country: Designed in Finland, Made in Finland
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Bringing a new perspective to sauna products, Rento recognizes that sauna is the Finns’ way of relaxing, and that each individual does it in their own way. “For us, bathing is more than a ladleful of water thrown on a hot sauna stove”,