Outdoor Pure Cube Sauna: CU672P

Pure Cube Outdoor CU672P

Embrace the Elements

The Pure Cube CU672P Outdoor Sauna offers an elegant front porch area. This stunning design has a full glass door in the middle of the front wall with various panel options you can enjoy the freedom of the outside all within this spacious model. With the full 2 Tier L Benches, this model is our largest Pure Cube Sauna yet!


Sustainable and
eco-friendly milling

5 Year Warranty

Feel Safe with Our
5 Year Warranty

Ontario Wood

Ontario wood grows
naturally and is renewable

Pure Cube Saunas

The Pure Cube 672P Outdoor Sauna brings a luxurious new class of modular pre-built sauna kits to your home or cottage. Embrace the outdoors with the full-length tempered glass front window and full-glass door while staying protected from the elements with the generous covered front porch. The Pure Cube 672P Sauna comes in easy-to-assemble wall and roof panels with a full cedar floor and EPDM rubber roof. Pamper yourself and your family or friends with this authentic modern Pure Cube Sauna kit.


Full Glass Door

10mm bronze tempered full glass door.

L Shape 2 Tier Benches

Clear red cedar benches with enclosed bench skirts.


Heavy duty EPDM rubber roofing.

Front Porch

Covered front porch with cedar floor.




Optional semi-privacy window panels.
Wood Heater

Wood Heater

Woodburning heater with stainless steel chimney and glass door.


Optional Sauna Accessories



5 Year Residential Warranty.

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